Why Wasn’t America Named After Columbus?

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Why Wasn’t America Named After Columbus?

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  1. Why Wasn’t America Named After Columbus?
  2. Why was it named after someone else?

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Why Was America Not Named After The Great Christopher Columbus?

Why Wasn’t America Named After Columbus?

You certainly might have read about Columbus in your history textbooks. Now the thing is he set out finding Westward route towards Asia and thought that he had done so. However, the fact was that he had only discovered Cuba, Hispaniola and San Salvador. This isn’t to take anything away from his great courage and important discoveries – but he created few issues.

Since he dint find riches of India, people began to doubt his voyages. Moreover, Portugal and Spain rulers started to ask as to what lands did Columbus had discovered. There were many questions associated.

To put an end to all the questions and doubts, finally, a man named “Amerigo Vespucci” was sent to find out what the truth was. In his letters, Amerigo Vespucci explained 2 voyages he made along the coasts, which is now known as South America. He described whatever he observed. Vespucci knew that this land wasn’t an Asian part and was new.

During the year 1507, a popular geographer named “Martin Waldseemuller” showed a map explaining this new continent. Along with this map was a pamphlet in which he proposed to name it after the discoverer Amerigo and thus the name America. Even public accepted this name instantly.

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