World News 4 April 2018

China Threatens U.S. Cars, Planes and Soy in Response to Trump

China retaliated against proposed U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods by targeting high-value American exports, from airplanes to soybeans, in a tactic Beijing officials say is meant to secure a truce.

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Iraq Struggles to Exhume and Identify Victims of ISIS

Bone by bone, workers at the Baghdad morgue are piecing together the victims of Islamic State, a gruesome jigsaw puzzle that has overwhelmed Iraqi authorities and delayed a sense of closure for families of the missing.

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Thailand's Ruling Junta Leader Eyes Extension of Power

Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha said for the first time that he is willing to stay on as prime minister after elections scheduled for 2019, using an obscure provision that allows parliament to invite an un-elected premier to lead the country.

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Trump Vows Quick Exit From Syria

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he wanted the U.S. military to “bring our troops back home” from Syria, taking a position at odds with many top advisers who worry that leaving the country too soon would cede ground to Iran, Russia, their proxies and other extremist groups.

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Trump: It Would Be Great if U.S., Russia Could 'Get Along'

President Trump said he hoped the U.S. could “get along” with Russia as he met at the White House with the leaders of the Baltic states, who have voiced concerns about actions they describe as Russian aggression.

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