World - 3 April 2018

DNA solves mystery of ancient mummy from ransacked tomb

A team of forensic scientists managed to extract DNA from a 4,000-year-old Egyptian mummy

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Chemical weapons watchdog to meet on poisoned ex-spy case

Russia, while offering theories as to why U.K. might have used nerve agent on its own soil, says it will accept OPCW ruling -- with a caveat

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Under pressure, Israeli leader nixes deal on African migrants

Opponents accuse Benjamin Netanyahu of caving to pressure from nationalist allies just hours after touting deal on TV

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Carnage as airstrike hits boy's school in Taliban territory

"I arrived at the scene right after the airstrikes -- it was like a butcher's shop. Everywhere was covered with blood," one witness says

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Elephant killed, 4 injured as circus truck topples on highway

Animal rights groups say accident is latest example of how circuses are a danger for wild animals

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Strike brings France's famed fast trains to a halt

Labor action is not only a test for frustrated travelers, but the most significant test to date for President Emmanuel Macron's economic strategy

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