World - 1 April 2018

The capture and trial of Adolf Eichmann

“Operation Finale” is a travelling exhibition that tells the story of the pursuit of the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann, who made his way to Argentina after World War II. At his trial, Eichmann insisted that he was “just following orders” when he arranged for millions of European Jews to be transported to death camps. Jim Axelrod examines the actual glass booth that Eichmann sat in during his trial in Israel, and spoke with former Mossad agent Avner Abraham, who curated the exhibit, now at the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg.

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The man in the glass booth

A new museum exhibit recounts "Operation Finale" - the capture and trial of infamous Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann

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Pope Francis calls for peace in Easter message

The pontiff said the message of the resurrection offers hope in a world "marked by so many acts of injustice and violence"

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Tiangong 1: Tracking the Chinese satellite falling to Earth

European Space Agency releases new information about the spacecraft that is plunging toward Earth

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