WonderHowTo 6 April 2018

App from Japan Uses Apple's iPhone X to Transform Your Face & Voice into the Cutest Anime Character

Apple's iPhone X now has the power to turn anyone into a Japanese anime character, thanks to a new app that harnesses the device's TrueDepth camera. Created by Tokyo-based ViRD Inc., the Puppemoji app allows you to transcend the confines of Apple's Animoji characters and record videos of yourself wearing virtual masks. Although the app highlights several anime character options, you can also don the visage of a sloth, a video game character, or simply place a black bar over your eyes if all you're looking for is a bit of anonymity without the added dose of character whimsy offered by the... more

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Change Your App Store Country to Download Region-Locked Apps & Games on Your iPhone

Before many games make it to the US-based iOS App Store, they get "soft launched" in a smaller country to get real-world testing for bugs. It's a pilot program, so to speak, as countries like Vietnam or the Philippines have far fewer iPhone users than the US, thus offer a more controlled environment for developers to get feedback and zero-in on issues that may occur in a game's early development phases. While technically unavailable in the US due to regional restrictions imposed by Apple, there are ways to skirt these rules and download an app or game that's only available in another country... more

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What Every Phone Gained by Adding a Notch

If bezel-less was the goal of OEMs in 2017, 2018 seems to be the year of the notch. Thanks in no small part to Apple's iPhone X, more and more smartphone manufacturers are designing their displays with this polarizing cutout. While many are frustrated with the trend, it's worth taking the time to consider what each phone gains with the unique design. Reasons for building a smartphone with a notch vary greatly. Some of the more compelling reasons are based on technological need, where without the notch OEMs cannot produce the phones they want to, while others appear to do little but attempt to... more

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