TheHill - Most Popular 4 April 2018

A year in, Trump’s pick makes waves at high court

Nearly one year into his tenure, Neil Gorsuch seems to be having the time of his life.The Supreme Court's newest justice is reveling in his role, diving into arguments with gusto and so far fulfilling the expectati...

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Expanding map creates tough choices for GOP

The House GOP's campaign arm is facing tough choices about where to shift precious resources in the midterm elections, as Republicans desperately try to stave off a potential blue wave this November.The National Re...

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Former Obama aide: Trump's 'Cheatin' Obama' may have 'racial undertones'

Former White House aide Jen Psaki said in a Tuesday interview on CNN that President Trump referring to her former boss as "Cheatin' Obama" in a tweet may have "racial undertones.""The president brought up former Pr...

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Roger Stone email saying he met with Assange leaks

Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone said he met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in an email obtained by One...

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Dow sinks 500 points upon open as US, China issue new tariffs

It's the latest market dive seemingly triggered by President Trump's tariffs.

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