TheHill - Most Popular 2 April 2018

Obama eases into post-presidential life

President Obama is by all appearances enjoying his post-White House life.In the 14 months since he stepped out of the Oval Office, Obama's moments in the spotlight have been few and far between.But when he h...

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Trump defends Sinclair: It's 'funny to watch Fake News Networks' criticize it

President Trump on Monday defended Sinclair Broadcasting Group after its move to have its local news anchors warn of alleged bias in reporting by other media outlets."So funny to watch Fake News Networks, among the...

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Ex-agent warns against Fox News hosts attacking FBI, other institutions

CNN analyst Josh Campbell, a former FBI special agent, criticized Fox News hosts on Sunday, accusing them of doing a disservice to their viewers by attacking the bureau and other institutions.Campbell said during a...

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Trump renews attack on Justice Department

President Trump lashed out on Monday at the Justice Department on Twitter, accusing the department and the FBI of "slow walking" documents requested by lawmakers to Congress."So sad that the Dep...

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Trump: Mexico must stop immigrant 'caravans'

President Trump early Monday pressed Mexico to stop immigrant "caravans" trying to reach the United States."Mexico has the absolute power not to let these large 'Caravans' of people enter their country," Trump wrot...

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Juan Williams: GOP fears anti-Trump wave

OPINION: The outlook for the midterm elections is grim for Republicans - and it all comes down to the president.

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