TheHill - Most Popular 1 April 2018

Shulkin pushes back on White House claim he resigned

Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin on Sunday pushed back against a White House claim that he was resigned from his position.

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Trump demands ‘nuclear option’ and 'no more DACA deal'

President Trump said on Sunday that Republicans must change Senate laws in order to pass tougher border and immigration legislation. In a position shift, he also said the GOP should no longer make a Deferred Action ...

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Jimmy Kimmel condemns Sinclair ‘fake stories’ warning as ‘extremely dangerous’

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on Sunday slammed Sinclair Broadcasting Corp.'s move to have its anchor criticize media outlets for alleged bias.

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Flynn’s son: Parkland student Hogg’s parents didn’t ‘smack’ him enough growing up

The son of former national security adviser Michael Flynn ripped Parkland student David Hogg this weekend, saying he hadn't been smacked enough growing up."Someone (hint: parents) clearly didn't smack this kid much...

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