The Switch 3 April 2018

Everything you need to know about Fortnite and why it’s so popular

When the University of Maryland-Baltimore County basketball team pulled off the greatest upset in NCAA history, player Nolan Gerrity had the perfect metaphor for what he was feeling. “It’s like your first Fortnite victory, honestly,” he told reporters. For those out of the know, it was a puzzling statement. But Gerrity’s example made perfect sense […]

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The nation’s biggest conservative broadcaster is putting words in its anchors’ mouths. Critics blame the FCC.

A viral YouTube video of dozens of local TV anchors reading the same scripted message to viewers has inflamed a debate about media bias in the era of President Trump. And critics say the Federal Communications Commission is responsible for enabling and emboldening the right-leaning company behind the scripted content, Sinclair Broadcast Group, in ways that could ultimately hurt […]

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