The A.V. Club 2 April 2018

Rewire Your Brain With $20 Off a 15lb Weighted Blanket

Somehow, it’s still winter on the East Coast, so you’re probably feeling anxious and tired, a general malaise if you will. If you need a break from all the craziness and just can’t get your brain to turn off for one second, you’re gonna want to check out a weighted blanket. This 15lb, queen-sized one is down to $115…Read more...

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Rick And Morty goes Down Under in this April Fool's Day special

In what may or may not become a tradition, Adult Swim released another surprise installment of Rick And Morty on April Fool’s Day. Actually, it’s more of a parody than a canonical episode, and certainly nowhere near as well-made as “The Rickshank Redemption,” the season-three premiere that dropped last year. Read more...

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The KLF, Dead Moon, and some band called Nirvana were the bleeding edge of ’89

To commemorate 60 years of the Billboard Hot 100, Off The Charts revisits each year since it was established to spotlight songs and artists that didn’t make the cut, yet still made a significant impact. Years are chosen randomly and—to make it even harder on ourselves—rules for inclusion are that neither the songs nor…Read more...

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Bring the Arcade Home With 8Bitdo's Discounted N30 Joystick

It might not be the most ergonomic of 8Bitdo’s excellent controllers, but if you want to replicate the authentic arcade stick experience, the N30 joystick is a great option for just $43, within a few cents of an all-time low. The N30 works over Bluetooth or USB, and is compatible with the Switch, PC, Mac, and Android.…Read more...

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The Last Man On Earth has baby fever in one of the best episodes of the season

Last week, The Last Man On Earth returned to the status quo by burying Karl and re-introducing Todd’s baby fever. After seeing how Melissa bonds so well with Jasper, Todd feels guilty that he can’t connect with the nine-to-eleven-year-old boy in their midst, but he’s more depressed because he believes he’ll never be a…Read more...

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John Oliver and Jon Benjamin reveal the childish injustice of immigration courts on Last Week Tonight

Few issues are more heated these days than immigration. Especially since the United States government is in the hands of really, really racist people. Anyway, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver took on the issue with host Oliver’s signature blend of investigative reporting, comic hyperbole, and nonsense-puncturing…Read more...

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