Tech 8 April 2018

Republican senator says Facebook scandals may be 'too big' for company to fix alone

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will appear before the U.S. Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees this week.

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Zuckerberg to swap trademark T-shirt for a suit and tie in preparation for Congressional grilling

Mark Zuckerberg's testimony this week will represent one of the biggest tests of his career.

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Facebook suspends another data analytics firm after CNBC discovers tactics like Cambridge Analytica

Data analytics firm CubeYou uses personality quizzes and apps clearly labeled for "non-profit academic research" to aid marketers in finding customers.

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The 2018 BMW X3 xDrive30i is boring unless you pick the right add-ons

CNBC reviews the 2018 BMW X3 iDrive30i, an impressive car so long as you pick the right add-ons.

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Hackers forced a hospital to pay a bitcoin ransom. Now, the CEO shows others how to be prepared

One cyberattack on a regional hospital embodies a bigger crisis facing health-care facilities in the U.S.

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This little robot is encouraging lonely young people to talk to others

Researchers in Korea built a prototype robot named Fribo to encourage young people to call and text each other.

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