Startups – TechCrunch 27 March 2018

MariaDB acquires big analytics company MammothDB

MariaDB is best known as a drop-in replacement for the popular MySQL database. But the MariaDB Corporation, which was founded by MySQL founder Monty Widenius and which offers all of its software under an open source license, clearly has its sights set on a bigger market and is looking to expand and better challenge the likes […]

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Kloudless raises $6M for its integrations solution

Kloudless makes it easier for developers to connect their applications to a variety of third-party tools for file storage, customer management, calendaring and other services through a unified API. It’s a bit like an IFTTT for developers. Today, the company announced that it has raised a $6 million Series A round led by Aspect Ventures, […]

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Intercom raises $125 million to take on Salesforce

When it comes to sales software, Salesforce isn’t the only game in town. A number of startups have emerged to target the sales industry, with roughly $3 billion per year getting invested into marketing startups. Now one of the largest players is Intercom. The seven-year-old startup is now announcing a $125 million Series D round led by […]

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Shuly Galili and Yahal Zilka join us in Tel Aviv

In a bit more than two months, the TechCrunch team is heading to Tel Aviv for a day-long event. And I’m excited to announce a couple of new speakers — Shuly Galili from UpWest Labs and Yahal Zilka from Magma Venture Partners. While both Galili and Zilka are investors, they have two different stories to […]

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