Self 9 April 2018

Khloé Kardashian Rocks Around on a Birthing Ball ‘Bored AF’ as She Waits for Her Baby to Come

While waiting for her baby to arrive, Khloe Kardashian posted a few photos and videos of herself rolling on her birthing ball.

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Lili Reinhart Lists Her Cystic Acne in a Fake Dating Profile

"Riverdale" actor Lili Reinhart shared a relatable selfie on Instagram that featured her taking care of her cystic acne.

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My Bipolar Disorder Makes Me Want to Spend Money I Don’t Have

Impulsive behaviors, like spending sprees, can be a symptom of mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder.

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How to Work Up to Brie Larson's Impressive Weighted Push-up

Brie Larson recently posted an Instagram video of herself doing 20 consecutive push-ups with 25-pound chains wrapped around her mid-section.

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