Scientific American Content: Global 8 April 2018

Paleo Profile: The Shortened Face

A small skull found in Connecticut offers a new view to ancient reptilian bites -- Read more on

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Dieselgate Pales in Comparison to What Automakers Just Did in America

It might be time for automakers to close their corporate sustainability responsibility departments after their American lobbying association reversed efficiency and pollution gains and... -- Read more on

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Pigeons and Doves 101

In which we briefly consider pigeons and doves... -- Read more on

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Ask Me First: What Self-Assessments Can Tell Us about Autism

Self-report questionnaires gain popularity in Autism spectrum research and clinical practice -- Read more on

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Scientists Must Unravel a Thorny Mummy Controversy

When researchers extract DNA from human remains the rights of the dead remain murky -- Read more on

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