Scientific American Content: Global 6 April 2018

Beijing Launches Pioneering Brain-Science Center

China’s move is expected to complement other countries’ related initiatives -- Read more on

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To Meet Emissions Goals, Seattle Wants to Charge Drivers

As population booms, the city looks to congestion pricing to rein in CO2 from cars -- Read more on

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EPA's Proposed Rollbacks of Mileage Standards Is a Terrible Idea

Rarely in my career have I seen a proposal more short-sighted and counterproductive than this one -- Read more on

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How to Avoid Business Disasters with Behavioral Science

Data breaches, customer service embarrassments and other stock-tanking missteps seem to be in the news every other day—but it doesn't have to be this way -- Read more on

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Orangutans Use Plant Extracts to Treat Pain

Humans aren’t the only animals that have discovered medicinal products in nature -- Read more on

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