Scientific American Content: Global 5 April 2018

Shell Grappled With Climate Change 20 Years Ago, Documents Show

Company scientists foresaw a storm like Sandy, as well as climate lawsuits -- Read more on

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Culture Shapes How Children View the Natural World 

Native American kids and non-Native kids conceptualize wild animals differently  -- Read more on

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Huge Trove of Unknown Viruses Found in Fish, Frogs and Reptiles

Researchers often focus on pathogens that infect mammals and birds -- Read more on

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Here's Why the Government Should Fund "Gee Whiz" Science

It can lead to useful technology, but the real reason is that it inspires people—and your representatives in Congress need to hear that -- Read more on

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Are Water Worlds Habitable?

It looks like the galaxy is overflowing with worlds soaked in water, but scientists are divided on whether life there would succeed or fail -- Read more on

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