Scientific American Content: Global 4 April 2018

A Glacier in Pakistan Surges with Clocklike Regularity

Every two decades the Khurdopin glacier moves more than 1,000 times faster than usual  -- Read more on

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Do Fitness Trackers Lead to Better Fitness?

Many fitness researchers and coaches believe that there is a disconnect between the wearable "fitness tracker" market and how people are using them -- Read more on

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Physics Inferno

A poem describes what could happen to those who don’t follow the metaphorical equivalents of nature's most basic laws -- Read more on

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How the Word "but" Could Save the World

It makes narratives more compelling—and if those narratives help the public appreciate science, that's a very good thing -- Read more on

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Urban Bungle: Atlanta Cyber Attack Puts Other Cities on Notice

The city has spent the past two weeks restoring online services disrupted by ransomware that held encrypted data hostage -- Read more on

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