Scientific American Content: Global 3 April 2018

A Potential Benefit to Memories of Terrorism

Amidst the horror there is altruism, which leaves a deep impression -- Read more on

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How to Foster Diversity in Science Through Storytelling

Men’s scientific stories and receive greater coverage in media, while women’s contributions progress are notoriously absent  -- Read more on

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New England Is Sitting on a Bed of Hot Rocks

The U.S. Northeast may be more geologically active than thought -- Read more on

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The Limits of Big Data in Medical Research

It could help large institutions reach new insights into disease—but also make it harder for small labs with original ideas to compete for grants. -- Read more on

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Meet "Dracula," the Largest Pterosaur Found to Date

A reconstruction of the reptile, found in Transylvania, is on display in Germany -- Read more on

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