Sankaku Complex 6 April 2018

Orction Rears & Rapes Hundreds of Elf Girls

A rather simplistic title of the “slave breeding” genre has arrived in the form of “Orction“, where players take on the role of an orc purchasing and selling elf slaves in order to achieve a regal status amongst orcs. The game allows players to violate elves they have purchased, with the disgraced maidens selling for […]

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Comic Girls Head Pat Fantasy

Mangaka girl anime Comic Girls has made its moe debut, the series revolving around 3 main mangaka girls and their everyday hijinks, additionally boasting not only a lot of head pats but more perverted things like breast-grabbing (as per the standard moe formula). Omake:

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Naruto Just Won’t Die: Masashi Kishimoto Still Pens More

Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto has seemingly refused to give up on his life’s work as yet another 3 novels for the series has been revealed, at least guaranteeing that Naruto may not be “over” for quite a while… Kishimoto had confirmed in 2015 that he was working on a new sci-fi themed manga, though despite […]

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Kasugano Sora Ero-Cosplay Humiliated With Graffiti

Incest romance anime Yosuga no Sora has been remembered once more as yet another cosplay of the nude variety has emerged, main heroine Kasugano Sora has received the erotic rendition from the 3D woman, who has made some perverted additions to her “outfit” by including some lewd body graffiti.

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No Dragon Quest XI DLC: Yuji Horii Explains

Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii has shed some light on why Dragon Quest XI possesses no purchasable DLC or micro-transactions, a rarity in this era of gaming but one that will likely be praised by those unable to shell out mountains of cash for a single game. Yuji Horii explained in an interview that DLC […]

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