Sankaku Complex 5 April 2018

Emperor Penguin Cosplay by Atsuki Delectable From All Angles

The charming Emperor Penguin of the beloved Kemono Friends franchise has once again been depicted in an incredibly naughty way, with the luscious Atsuki boasting a significant amount of beauty whilst making clever use of a mirror for more scandalous angles of her body.

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Alice or Alice Has All The Chibi Moe

Incestuous manga series Alice or Alice has finally made its debut in anime form, serving as one of this season’s moe shows and additionally showing off a little bit of oppai and pantsu, perhaps the only downsides being its reliance on chibi and the 3-minute duration… Omake:

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Lupin III Part V Tackles The Deep Web

The everlasting Lupin III series has continued with the debut of Part V, this time featuring a cute hacker girl and a greater emphasis on the internet (specifically the deep web), presumably simultaneously appealing to technology-loving millenials and otaku instead of the now aging demographics the franchise otherwise attracts. Omake:

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