Sankaku Complex 4 April 2018

ArcheAge 3.0 Nude Mods Dangerously Furry

Modders have updated a previous nude mod for the 3.0 version of online title ArcheAge, greatly enhancing the previous textures and including nude models for the newly introduced races at the time – and potentially reviving interest in the game as a byproduct. There are apparently 2 different sets of nude mods: Instructions on applying […]

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FLCL Alternative Spontaneously Debuts

Barbarians have lucked out for once as Adult Swim provided an early look at FLCL Alternative‘s first episode, boasting an expected amount of spastic energy and humor that fans will remember from the original and making sure to remember to include the insane Haruko. Omake:

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Square Enix Announce Original Graphics For Chrono Trigger

Square Enix has – for once – listened to the pleas of their helpless consumers, announcing that the poorly received Chrono Trigger port will be patched based on user feedback, but more importantly, will also have a toggle to switch to the beloved RPG’s original graphics. The graphics for the Steam release were carried over […]

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Overlord Season 3 Already On The Way

Immediately after concluding its 2nd season, fantasy world MMO anime Overlord has assured fans that a 3rd season is on the way, the franchise apparently being so popular that the continuation will be ready this summer (despite the process usually requiring much more time). The brief CM (and its stock sound effects) announcing the 3rd […]

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