Sankaku Complex 2 April 2018

Aihara Yuzu Paper Craft The Epitome Of Dedication

Despite yuri series Citrus coming to a close, one fan has demonstrated their expertise in the delicate art of paper craft by producing a figure of gyaru Aihara Yuzu in the “rebellious” form of her seifuku, many may wish she were accompanied by her sister for some girl-on-girl action however… The NND video showing off […]

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Shinmai Maou no Testament Light Novel Ceaselessly Thrusts

Mindless sex series Shinmai Maou no Testament has gotten way steamier with its 12th light novel release as the male protagonist’s harem of easy women has once again provided a myriad of sexual favors, albeit at a far more graphic level that fans could only hope would be applied to the anime… Some of the […]

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Busty Nero Claudius Cosplay Opens All The Way Down

This fabulous cosplayer has willingly shown off her magnificent cleavage in order to perfect her imitation of Fate/stay night’s Nero Claudius, a decision sure to be praised by those who can appreciate the sex appeal of a real woman. The well-endowed cosplay:

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