PhoneArena - News 1 April 2018

Apple unveils iPhone X home button add-on with Touch ID and headphone jack

Apple is about to release something that people have been clamoring for ever since the firs wave of iPhone X leaks last year – a physical home button! What’s more, the new home button add-on will also have Touch ID, which is sure to appease those who dislike Apple’s face unlock tech.Measuring in at 29 mm × 30 mm × 3.9 mm (1.1 in × 1.18 in × 0.1 in), the home button add-on for the iPhone X is about the size of a 4th gen iPod Shuffle (remember those?). However, unlike the Shuffle, it’s not built from aluminum, but the glossy, ...

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BlackBerry World no longer supports paid apps starting today

Back in February, we told you that BlackBerry World will shut its doors for good on December 31st, 2019. We also told you that starting on April 1st, 2018, paid apps were no longer being supported by BlackBerry World. Right now it is April 1st in most areas of the U.S., which means that all payment mechanisms no longer work on the storefront. While no new paid apps are being accepted, those developers who were monetizing their apps can still do so as long as the method for accepting payments comes from within the apps themselves. The good news is that those developers who decide to go this route ...

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