News : NPR 4 April 2018

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Will Testify In Congress On April 11

Welcoming the news, the top Republican and Democrat on a House committee said, "we look forward to him answering our questions" about protecting users' data.

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Trump Under Investigation By Special Counsel, But Not A Criminal Target

NPR confirms that President Trump's legal team was notified last month that the president wasn't a criminal target at the time, but is being investigated.

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GMO Yeast Mimics Flavors Of Hops, But Will Craft Brewers Bite?

Some beer-brewing scientists have developed a genetically modified yeast that produces the same hoppy aromas and flavors beer drinkers like, without the hops. But some craft brewers are skeptical.

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The Paris Lawyer Who Gives Google Nightmares

Dan Shefet won what may be the most powerful single case against Google: the right to get search results about himself removed. Now people and governments the world over are seeking him out.

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Can You Believe Your Own Ears? With New 'Fake News' Tech, Not Necessarily

Advances in audio software mean fraudsters can create the most lifelike phony audio ever played, making it seem that people said things they didn't.

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Despite Swirl Of Conspiracy Theories, Investigators Say The MLK Case Is Closed

Fifty years after the murder of Martin Luther King Jr., alternate theories about his death continue to flourish. Three men who investigated the crime said they're confident in their conclusions.

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