Jalopnik 31 March 2018

When The Way To Make A Lightweight Car Was To Use Wicker

Today when we think “lightweight car,” we think aluminum. We think magnesium and carbon fiber. We think higher-strength steel instead of larger quantities of it. We think taking out our rear seats, stripping down the interior, removing the stereo, and shedding extra pounds wherever we can.Read more...

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Saturday's Best Deals: Travel Accessories, World Backup Day Sales, C.S. Lewis Ebooks, and More

Amazon’s huge luggage sale, our readers’ favorite travel pillow, a ton of discounted storage for World Backup Day, and more lead Saturday’s best deals.Read more...

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Show Us Your Automotive Tattoos

Everybody has a different story behind why they got a tattoo. Maybe it was borne of passion or is meant to commemorate a first, a last, or a favorite. Maybe you love something so much you want to let the whole world know, or maybe you just thought, “Hell, that would look cool.”Read more...

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Formula E Won't Have To Swap Cars Mid-Race Next Season

Formula E’s new car for its fifth season, the Gen2, was released in January of this year and earned a pretty favorable reaction all across the board. Now, instead of just bodywork, we’re getting our first looks at what these cars will be able to do when they hit the track. One big change: an increase of battery…Read more...

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Make Flying Slightly Less Terrible With Our Readers' Favorite Travel Pillow

The Cabeau Evolution was your favorite travel pillow (by a long shot), and you can save 20% on yours today.Read more...

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