- Latest articles 7 April 2018

Sunday debate: What matters more - performance or efficiency

Following up on last weeks' debate we discuss whether you should favor chipsets with more sheer performance or better power efficiency. Paul: "I feel the need, the need for speed" I conform to the adage of getting the fastest device, combined with the most storage possible, and I don't mind spending more to achieve it. Experience has taught me that this approach ensures that my phone will serve me better and for longer, allowing me to 'cascade' the phone down to other family members (namely my son) when I decide to upgrade. This approach, given the longevity of the device,...

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Top 15 fan favorite phones of Q1

The first three months of 2018 saw announcements from most manufacturers, including powerful flagships and attractive mid-rangers. Winning specs races is one, but the true testament of success is else - it is fan love. So we though we'd go true our database and check which 2018 devices gathered the most fans. One phone prevailed easily and it wasn't even a premium device - the humble Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro got the love of the most people. Samsung's flagship seemingly did the best as the Galaxy S9+, came in second, while its non-plus version got fourth place. The Nokia 7 plus...

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Samsung Galaxy S9+ Snapdragon 845 performance and battery test

In keeping with tradition Samsung once again introduced two hardware variants of its flagship Galaxy S9 phones. Most of the world gets units powered by Samsung's own Exynos 9810 chip, while US and China receive Snapdragon 845 chips instead. That's been the case for a few years now and with the previous generation - the Galaxy S8 duo and the Galaxy Note8 - the Exynos chip seemed to have more processing power if not much different real-life performance. Spoiler alert - this time around, however, the Snapdragon 845 flexes a bit more muscle overall, compared to the Exynos 9810...

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Weekly poll results: Huawei P20 Pro outstrips the P20 by a huge margin

The Huawei P20 Pro readily outshone its smaller sibling in last week's poll - really, it was like the P20 was invisible. The Mate RS Porsche Design saw a good deal of interest, though we suspect its price tag will prevent widespread adoption. Despite winning the poll, the P20 Pro didn't escape criticism - no headphone jack, no card slot, 1080p+ screen resolution, the price. And, of course, many came out against the notch on the screen. Still, it looks like the Huawei P20 Pro will stand comfortable next to other flagships. It has a strong argument for having the best camera on the...

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Essential promises it will improve the camera on the PH-1 successor

Essential is a unique case in the smartphone world. It was a startup smartphone company started by one of the founders of Android: Andy Rubin. The company went on to become a unicorn startup: a company whose valuation broke $1 billion even before it made any revenue. Initial reception of the company's first phone last summer was mostly positive. The phone's hardware was uniquely made of a titanium frame with a ceramic back plate. It was also the first company to "notch" the display even before Apple's infamous ‘screen horns' on the iPhone X. For the record, Essential's notch was the least...

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Spotify holding a news event on April 24 in NYC

Spotify has sent invitations out to the press for an announcement that's taking place in New York City. The event invitation only says "Spotify invites you to a news announcement. Morning of Tuesday, April 24 New York City". The invitation has a gradient blue background, so there isn't even a hint as to what the "news announcement" is all about. If recent reports are anything to go off of, there are a couple of plausibilities. Not long ago, a small number of users reported a feature that was being tested by Spotify: a voice interface that would make it easier for folks to navigate around...

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