Gizmodo 2 April 2018

Earther So, Uh, What’s Going On With the Sahara Desert?

Earther So, Uh, What’s Going On With the Sahara Desert? | A.V. Club No one on The Walking Dead should get on Rick’s bad side while he’s grieving | The Takeout Ask The Salty Waitress: What can I do about this crazy loud restaurant? |Read more...

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Rewire Your Brain With $20 Off a 15lb Weighted Blanket

Somehow, it’s still winter on the East Coast, so you’re probably feeling anxious and tired, a general malaise if you will. If you need a break from all the craziness and just can’t get your brain to turn off for one second, you’re gonna want to check out a weighted blanket. This 15lb, queen-sized one is down to $115…Read more...

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Not One, But Two Wild Rumors About an Infamous Comics Villain Coming to the X-Men Movie Universe

Michael Gracy offers an update on the live-action Naruto movie. Another Stephen King classic could be heading to TV. Stephen Amell thinks it’s inevitable that Black Lightning will cross over with the other CW/DC shows. Plus, new Captain Marvel set pictures and footage from what’s to come on Gotham and The Walking Dead…Read more...

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Everything We Know So Far About Tiangong-1's Crash to Earth

If you closed your eyes and threw a dart at a spinning globe, odds are you’ll strike the Pacific Ocean. And that’s just where the doomed Chinese satellite Tiangong-1 landed last night.Read more...

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Outsource Vacuuming To This Alexa-Enabled Robot, Now Just $180

Vacuuming is simultaneously the worst chore, and the chore most easily pawned off to a robot, so if you haven’t done yourself the favor of buying a robotic vacuum yet, today’s a great opportunity. Read more...

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