Gadgets – TechCrunch 6 March 2018

The Moleskine PEN+ ELLIPSE lets you record your scribblings right into your pen

 Moleskine, to the uninitiated, makes notebooks and stationery popular with artistes, travelers, and folks who jot down poetry in between sips of chai latte in some delicate cafe in Kreuzberg. They are rugged little things that resisted the encroachment of high tech but now, thanks to the PEN+ ELLIPSE, you can turn your musings into digital files instantly. The PEN+ ELLIPSE is a surprisingly… Read More

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The X-ONE H1 is a new hybrid smartwatch for the fancy traveler

 Since the dawn of smartwatches the fancier watch lovers among us have wanted a mechanical watch with all the features of a smart watch. A few comers have attempted this nearly impossible feat and now the X-ONE H1 is now giving it a try. The X-ONE H1 has an internal mechanical movement that powers the hour, minute, and seconds hand, just like a regular automatic watch. Further, there is a… Read More

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