Fundings & Exits – TechCrunch 1 February 2018

German API integration startup CloudRail announces $672K seed investment

 Just about every startup has aspirations to be a platform play. One of the main issues companies typically face on that journey is that just because they build an API doesn’t mean developers are going to adopt it. German API startup CloudRail wants to help. It not only provides a set of tools to simplify implementing your API, but also offers a marketplace and a community of developers… Read More

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Alibaba is picking up 33% of Ant Financial, its fintech affiliate that’s valued at over $60B

 Alibaba has added an additional angle to the announcement of its latest financial report today with news that it is taking a 33 percent stake in Ant Financial, its fintech affiliate that operates Alipay and other financial services. The deal, which both parties said stems from an agreement made in 2014, will see Alibaba pick up newly issued shares in Ant, seemingly paving the way for a… Read More

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Pulse Labs has raised $2.5 million in seed funding to help voice apps better interact with humans

 Between smart speakers, mobile devices and a growing army of connected home products, voice interfaces are poised to continue growing at a rapid clip. We’re still very much in the early days, but Seattle-based startup Pulse Labs is hoping to be among the first to help build a more tailored experience for apps built on top of Alexa, Google Assistant and the like. Read More

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Uberall scores $25M Series B for its location marketing platform

 Uberall, the Berlin-headquartered startup that has developed a cloud-based platform to let small and large businesses get listed and market themselves across multiple location-based services, has picked up $25 million in Series B funding. Read More

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Factmata closes $1M seed round as it seeks to build an ‘anti fake news’ media platform

 While large companies like Facebook and publishers continue to rethink what their role is in disseminating news these days in the wake of the growing influence of ‘fake news’ and the ever-present spread of misleading clickbait, a London-based startup called Factmata has closed a seed round of $1 million in its ambition to build a platform using AI to help fix the problem across… Read More

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