Europe – TechCrunch 29 March 2018

Chemi Peres of Pitango VC joins us at TechCrunch Tel Aviv, June 7

TechCrunch is returning to Tel Aviv on 7 June 2018 for a day-long conference, where we will be digging into one of Irael’s biggest tech strengths: mobility and everything that implies, from computer vision to autonomous driving. Israeli tech is at the forefront of this new industry and we plan to bring industry leaders together […]

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As UK fires-up private space industry, Space Camp Accelerator launches

The UK government recently passed the Space Industry Bill, covering the basics like spaceflight licensing, insurance requirements and safety commitments. It didn’t make much of a splash when it was announced, but it’s a huge move for the UK as it laid the regulatory groundwork that will be needed to create an operational spaceport, potentially […]

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