News 3 April 2018

Regulatory Uncertainty Could Kill 10% Of Crypto Hedge Funds By 2019

Tough year for crypto hedge funds, sources warn. #NEWS

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Crypto Market Sees Around 50 Percent Losses Across The Board At End Of First Quarter 2018

First quarter of 2018 leaves the crypto markets down almost 50 percent of total market cap. #NEWS

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Google Bans Crypto Mining Extensions From Web Store After ‘90%’ Disregard Policies

Google says mining in Chrome extensions will no longer happen after June. #NEWS

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Tokyo-Based Chat Giant Line Launches Blockchain Affiliate in South Korea

Japan-based chat giant Line has launched a Blockchain subsidiary in South Korea. #NEWS

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Bitcoin-Friendly Overstock.Com Abandons Secondary Stock Offering Amid Falling Share Prices

The crypto-friendly has pulled their secondary share offering after their share prices continue to drop. #NEWS

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Australia Launches New Cryptocurrency Exchange Regulations

Aussie exchanges must abide by new AML rules from today. #NEWS

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