Books : NPR 8 April 2018

The Billion-Dollar Romance Fiction Industry Has A Diversity Problem

No black author has ever won its top prize. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks about the issue with Alisha Rai, author of the Forbidden Hearts series.

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Feminist Health Guide 'Our Bodies, Ourselves' Will Stop Publishing

The groundbreaking book was first released in the early 1970s. It gave women frank information about then-taboo topics like masturbation, birth control and female sexual anatomy.

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'No One Meant To Be In My Office': A Divorce Lawyer's Tips On Staying Together

James Sexton has seen the demise of more than a thousand marriages — which inspired him to write a new book on how to keep it together. His advice? Keep communicating, and be painfully honest.

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Birds Open Bottles And Catfish Hunt Pigeons When 'Darwin Comes To Town'

Evolutionary biologist Menno Schilthuizen's new book is a breezy (sometimes too breezy) account of the ways animals have adapted to city life, and the staggering impact humans have had on evolution.

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