Books : NPR 31 March 2018

'The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind' Returns From Madness

Neuroscientist Barbara Lipska describes in a new memoir surviving 20 brain tumors, and what the eight-week nightmare of psychological symptoms taught her about mental illnesses she's long studied.

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'World Make Way': New Poems Paint Classic Pictures

Poet Lee Bennett Hopkins edited the new children's book, in which poets reflect on paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. "Rather than describing the painting, it's what they feel," he says.

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The Deliciously Soapy — But Substantial — Supermarket Saga Of 'Forbidden Hearts'

We're cranking up the trusty old NPR Books Time Machine again, and this time we're rewinding Alisha Rai's steamy series about love and drama among two estranged business dynasties in upstate New York.

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