BBC News - UK Politics 4 March 2018

Brexit: Dublin casts doubt on UK's latest NI border plan

The Irish foreign minister says he is "not sure" the EU would accept waiving new checks on 80% of firms.

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Brexit: Theresa May urges EU to buy into 'ambitious' vision

The PM tells the BBC her vision for trade relations after the UK leaves is "practical and credible".

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Councils warned to meet homes targets or lose planning powers

Local authorities could lose planning powers if house-building targets are not being met, Sajid Javid says.

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Theresa May: Boris is clear there won't be a hard border

The prime minister says that the government has proposals on how it can prevent a hard border in Northern Ireland.

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Simon Coveney: EU 'might not support' May's border plan

The Irish foreign minister tells the BBC's Andrew Marr the UK's proposals for the Irish border are just a "starting point".

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