BBC News - UK Politics 25 February 2018

Labour wants permanent customs union treaty after Brexit - Starmer

Sir Keir Starmer backs a new customs treaty after Brexit - and warns the PM 'crunch time" is coming.

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Blair 'complete liar', says Fire and Fury author Wolff

Michael Wolff defends his claim Tony Blair was "angling" for a job with Trump - but Blair's office says the story is "a complete fabrication".

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MP Ben Bradley apologises for Corbyn tweet

Ben Bradley says the tweet was "wholly untrue" and will make a donation to charity.

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Iain Duncan Smith warns Tory rebels on challenging Brexit

The former Conservative leader, and leading Brexit campaigner, Iain Duncan Smith has warned potential rebels against challenging the government on Brexit.

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Should Theresa May be worried about the local elections in May?

The local elections in May will see many seats in the big metropolitan councils in England up for grabs, and the Conservatives may need to brace for a difficult night.

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Brexit: Frank Field and Stella Creasy clash over Labour's Brexit policy

Sarah Smith spoke to Labour MPs Stella Creasy and Frank Field about their party's Brexit stance.

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