BBC News - UK Politics 23 January 2018

Boris Johnson rebuked over NHS cash plea

Theresa May tells the foreign secretary conversations about health funding should be in private.

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Ben Bradley: I cocked up over blog posts about jobless

Ben Bradley has been criticised for writing about "a vast sea of unemployed wasters" in 2012.

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Nigel Farage: UKIP's Henry Bolton can emulate Corbyn

Henry Bolton could "win the day" if he pursues a bold plan to change UKIP, ex-leader says.

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Sky-Fox deal not in public interest, says regulator

The regulator says the deal would give the Murdoch family too much control over news providers in the UK.

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MPs reject petition call to quit EU now

Not a single MP speaks in favour of a call by more than 137,000 signatories to leave without a deal.

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MPs Boles, Vaizey, Shapps and Soames on Tory policies

Comments from MPs Nick Boles, Ed Vaizey, Grant Shapps and Nicholas Soames about Conservative policies.

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