BBC News - UK Politics 27 December 2017

Hammond challenged to release Brexit studies

MPs claim they will be "hamstrung" if they do not get to see the Treasury's Brexit analysis.

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'Zero real wage growth' forecast for 2018

Britain's pay squeeze will end, but a meaningful pay rise remains out of sight, says research group.

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Some of the ex-MPs who died in 2017

A look back at the lives of the MPs and former MPs who passed away in 2017.

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MP Angela Rayner's tribute to Tameside Council leader

MP Angela Rayner says Tameside Council leader Kieran Quinn "was always there for me".

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The Kings of Swing: The evolution of TV election night graphics

BBC Parliament looks at the evolution of TV election night graphics - from the hand-painted results of the 1950s to Jeremy Vine's swingometer in a virtual Big Ben clocktower.

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