BBC News - Business 8 December 2017

Brexit: Business calls for more clarity over deal

Despite news of a "breakthrough" deal, companies want certainty about EU citizens living in the UK.

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Bitcoin's rollercoaster ride after hitting $17,000

The digital currency plunges after hitting a new high on Friday, sparking fresh concerns.

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Three football clubs 'shamed' for underpaying staff

Three Scottish teams are among 28 employers who failed to pay staff the minimum wage.

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EU agrees biggest free trade deal with Japan

The agreement is a challenge to the protectionism championed by US President Donald Trump.

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Manufacturing sector expands for sixth month in October

The sector is set for "strong growth" in the longer term, the Office for National Statistics says.

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Lego wins first copyright case against China copies

Toymaker Lego has won a landmark case in China against two companies that manufactured copies.

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Brexit: 'Breakthrough' deal paves way for future trade talks

Theresa May says there will be no hard Irish border, paving the way for the start of trade talks.

Read More → 'I want to be like Bill Gates'

Why, the award-winning musician and front-man for the Black Eyed Peas is collaborating with coders.

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Ghana's 'brand-building' ideas guru

Sound and fashion artist Steloolive works with brands to increase their profile.

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