ABC News: International 7 April 2018

Decision to name bridge after Prince Charles irks some in UK

The decision to rename a major road bridge linking England and Wales after Prince Charles has drawn a royal storm of opposition from anti-monarchists and Welsh nationalists

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China applies its own maximum pressure policy on Pyongyang

President Donald Trump's policy of maximum pressure on North Korea may be working _ thanks to China

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Gaza buries journalist killed while covering mass protests

Hundreds attend funeral of well-known Palestinian journalist in Gaza who was killed covering the mass protests along the Israel border

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WATCH: National Guard to provide up to 4,000 troops at Mexican border

The U.S. secretary of defense signed a memo authorizing troops to guard the U.S./Mexico border at the expense of the federal government.

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Russian embassy seeks Boris Johnson meeting over spy case

Russia's embassy in London says it wants a meeting with Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson over the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal

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Vatican arrests diplomat accused of viewing child porn

The Vatican announces the arrest of a diplomat accused in a U.S.-Canada-Vatican investigation of child pornography

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